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First broadcast date: 12 March 2018

Minou (Julia Kisray) is Digital Editor and Project Manager at Boiler Room, as well as the former Executive Editor for Stamp The Wax — and a nerd for all things music. In this four-part series, she takes you through some of electronic music’s finest movements.

In this episode, Minou unpicks acid and its many manifestations over the past 30+ years.

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Luke Vibert – I Love Acid [Warp Records]
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder[D.J. International Records]
Anaxander – My Aniseed Lollipop [Local Talk]
K2 (Kero and Kyle Hall) – FASTR000 [Detroit Underground]
MNLTH – Dink [Central Processing Unit]
Gerome Sportelli – Swag [Sporty Limited]
Tin Man – Falling Acid [Keys Of Life]
Joey Beltram – The Reflex [R&S Records]
Silicon Scally – Das Haud [Innerspace Records]
Maurice – This Is Acid [Trax Records]
Armando – Land Of Confusion (Confusion Remix) [Westbrook Records]
Morphology – Conductive Force [Innerspace Records]
Airgoose – Outernational Wah [D.N.G. Records Inc.]
Posthuman – It’s A House Thing [Balkan Vinyl]
Ed Chamberlain – Somefind Semantica52 [Semantica Records]

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