Monday 10 December
Sooth Sayers – Seek Walking (Black Man’s Cry) [WAH WAH 45s]
Sooth Sayers – Natural Mystic (7″ Edit) [WAH WAH 45s]
nemui pj – nemui time [flau]
Donald Byrd – You and the Music [Blue Note]
Miss Information – A New Moon [Pioneer Works]
Aphex Twin – avril 14th half speed alternative version [re-recorded 2009 Nagra] [WARP]

Tuesday 11 December
Sunda Arc – Flicker [Gondowana]
nemui pj – nemui time [flau]
Miss Information (Miho Hatori) – Silk Road [Pioneer Works]
Ashrams – Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings [Technicolour]
McCoy Tyner – Fly With the Wind [Milestone]

Wednesday 12 December
Tenderlonious- The Shakedown [22a]
nemui pj – nemui time [flau]
Jolia Holter – Voce Simul [domino]
Kazuya Nagaya – Microscope of Heraclitus [Indigo Raw]
Chilly Gonzales – Chico [Gentle Threat]

Thursday 13 December
Maisha – Eaglehurst / The Palace [Brownswood]
nemui pj – nemui time [flau]
Change – TOSHIO MATSUURA GROUP [Brownswood]
Miss Information (Miho Hatori) – Viva_Madrid [Pioneer Works]

Friday 14 December
Michael White – John Coltrane Was Here [impulse!]
nemui pj – nemui time [flau]
Miss Information (Miho Hatori) – Sand Storm [Pioneer Works]
Great Pumpkin Waltz -Vince Guaraldi Trio [Fantasy]
Swindle – Coming Home (Feat. Kojey Radical)

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