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Mr Bongo

First broadcast date: 17 January 2017

Long time record aficionados Mr Bongo pay us a visit from their spanking new store sunny Brighton on the South coast of Sussex, UK. Providers of the finest in World music and films since 1989, Mr Bongo have ridden the rise and fall of analogue music and have remained on top.

Having started life in Venezuela over 30 years ago, Mr Bongo’s humble mission of bringing Latin records back to Europe soon expanded into a nomadic dance mission, bringing Brazilian, Latin, African, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Psychedelic flavours to dance floors across the US and Europe.

Catch them playing Mr Bongo releases, such as Ronaldo Reseda, Zani Diabaté, Majo and Nonato Buzar, alongside old favourites and current finds.

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Zani Diabate et Le Super Djata Band – Fatdingna Koume [Mr. Bongo] // Mali
Esbee Family- Chics and Chicken [Taretone] // Nigeria
Jivaro – What Next [Roi Music] // South Africa
Amampondo – State of Emergency [Assembly] // South Africa
Marumo Modieh – Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae? [Modiehi] // UK
Maria Rita – Cântico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiurá) [Acorde] // Brazil
Ronaldo Reseda – E Novamente Mas Que Nada [Forthcoming Mr. Bongo] // Brazil
Majo – As Sementes [Forthcoming Mr. Bongo] // Brazil
Vozes – Oro [H. Int.] // Brazil
Tuca – Zango [Phillips] // Brazil
Leureny – Minha Lei [Copacabana] // Brazil
Hebe Camargo – Queimada [Polydor] // Brazil
Piri – Reza Brava [Quartin] // Brazil
Toshio Fukui – Tahara Zaka [Unknown] //
Cortex – Chanson D’Un Jour D’Hiver [Mr. Bongo] //
Gaby Hernandez – Spirit Refelection [Forthcoming Mr. Bongo] // US
Duke Hugh – Greenleaf [Rhythm Section] // UK
Kiru Stars – Family Planning (Extended Mix) [Afro7] // Kenya
Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de l’lja – Nissodia (Joie de L’optimisme) [Forthcoming Mr. Bongo] // Mali
Wild Fire – Try Making Love [Wirl] // Barbados
Leroy Brown – In The Book [CMI] // Canada
Mavis John – Use Me Up [Mr. Bongo] // Trinidad
Bert Lynch – Black Skin & Kinky Hair [York] // Trinidad
Protoje – Blood Money [Forthcoming Mr. Bongo] // Jamaica
Paul Mccartney – Secret Friend [Parlophone] // UK
Twinkie – Awake o Zion [Sound Of Gospel Records] // US
Thimothey Herelle – Grand N’Hom La [T.H. Production] // France
Imarhan – Tahabort [City Slang] // France
Alcione ‎- Figa De Guiné [Phillips] // Brazil
Verao Vermelho – Nonato Buzar [Forthcoming Mr Bongo] // Brazil
Harris Chalkitis – Time Is Over [Barclay] // Greece

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