New Music Worldwide: Max Graef

First broadcast date: 9 January 2018

New Music Worldwide is a weekly mix series hosted by Thris Tian.

This week’s New Music Worldwide mix comes from Max Graef.

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Berlin based producer Max Graef brings his unique and fresh outlook on vintage dance music to the New Music Worldwide mix series.

Head honcho of Money $ex Records alongside another Worldwide FM favourite Glenn Astro, Max began exploring and experimenting with production while on a student exchange in London, and both he and his MPC-led tunes found a home at Prenzlauer Berg’s OYE record shop upon return to Berlin.

Now an accomplished DJ and producer he welcomes in 2018 for New Music Worldwide.


Max Graef – No Trabajo Para Mi [forthcoming]
Unknown – DK Dub [Unreleased]
TBZ – Untitled-1_103 [Forthcoming on Tax Free Records]
Funkycan – Skylounge [Forthcoming on Tax Free Records]
Peter Graf York – Jiwa [Forthcoming on Planet Rescue]
Max Graef – Bumds [Schwarz 12]
TBZ – DBX 4 New 02.18 [Forthcoming]
Funkycan aka Am Kinem – Riddim [Unreleased]
Dj Neumann – Perfect Taxture [Forthcoming on Tax Free Records]
Graverock – Texas [Forthcoming on Tax Free Records]
Max Gee feat. Funkycan – Unknown [forthcoming]
TBZ – DBX 4 New 2.1 [Forthcoming)
Mad Rey – Miracle Mike/ Cum Ass Song 898 [Forthcoming on Money $ex Records)
Max Graef – Thrillhouse (Schwarz 12)
Funkycan aka Am Kinem – Mies Haram
Unknown – LGP Skit [Unreleased]
Peter Graf York – LikeASucka [Forthcoming on Planet Rescue]
Unknown – LOZ Skit [Unreleased]
Max Graef – Level Zero [Forthcoming]
Muju G. Fear – Augenringo [Forthcoming]
Ratgrave – El Schnorro [Forthcoming on Apron]
Torben Unit – Zolo Schnäps (TU)

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