New Music Worldwide: Thris Tian with XamVolo, Neinzer B2B Mallard & Moomin

First broadcast date: 27 October 2017

Thris Tian‘s weekly Friday afternoon show from London delivers four hours of upfront music, special guests and club listings.

This week features singer-songwriter XamVolo, Rhythm Section family Neinzer and Mallard going back to back, and Moomin in the mix.

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London born singer-songwriter and producer Sam Folorunsho AKA XamVolo immerses himself in neo-soul and jazz sensibilities, with the knowledge of a true music lover and the credentials of an artist who is grassroots through and through. He chats to Thris Tian about upcoming material and his life in music.

Neinzer B2B Mallard

Berlin based DJ, producer and International Black signing Neinzer is in the mix back to back with Rhythm Section boy Mallard.


Berlin based DJ and producer Moomin is in the mix live in our London HQ.



Khaled Kurbeh & Raman – Toska [Between Buttons]
Music For My Mother – Funkadelic Reworked By Detroiters [Ace Records]
Iman Omari – All fo You ft Javonte [Unreleased]
Jarreau Vandal – Kombucha Burps [Soulection]
Sango – Hermosa [Soulection]

Thris Tian with XamVolo

XamVolo – Down (Extended EP Mix) [Decca]
XamVolo – Old Soul [Decca]
XamVolo – Fells Good [Decca]

Thris Tian

Professor Rhythm -Bafana Bafana [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Blood Wine Or Honey – The Forest Is Expecting You [Blood Wine Or Honey]

Guest Mix: Neinzer b2b Mallard

Visible Cloaks – Bloodstream [RVNG Intl.]
Maayan Nidam – Rise of the Wolves [Perlon]
Pedrodollar – Just Dub [Born Free]
Tessela – Headland [Poly Kicks]
Lo Will – You & Me In Outer Space Together” (Orson Wells Twister mix)
Or:la – Kyoto Dance [Deep Sea Frequency]
Joe – Tail Lift [Hessle Audio]
Chris Carrier – Cat’s Eye Nebula [Sound Carrier]
Unknown – Unreleased
Hymnes – Heinz Harald Frentzen [Salt Mines]
Ploy – Garys [Timedance]
Decka – Isolated [Spe:c]
Skee Mask – Kappelberg Chant [Ilian Tape]
Morgan Buckley – Weather Report [No ‘Label’]
Money Morning – False Prophet[Acting Press]
Mallard – Common Era [International Black] (Forthcoming)

Thris Tian

The Lean House Step – Kwake Bass []
Session Victim – Bring It Back [Delusions of Grandeur]
Dawit & Dolo – Rise [Future Times]

Guest Mix: Moomin

Hugo LX – It’s About That Time [Faces Records]
Moomin – Shibuya [unreleased] (forthcoming)
Unknown – Forthcoming [Smallville]
Rhythm of paradise – Untitled [Smallville]
Moomin – Untitled (forthcoming)
Moomin – In Our Lifetime (forthcoming)
Unknown – Untitled [Smallville]
James Bomt – Unreleased
John Dimas – Self Controlled [Claap]
DJ Central – Basil (Version Integrale) [Help Recordings]
All The Reasons – Sweely [Distant Hawaii]
Johannes Albert – Dancefloors and You [Fine]

Thris Tian
The Analogue Cops & Lucretio – Higher & Higher [Flimsy Output EP]
Henrik Schwarz – Kantine [Watergate Records]

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