Oneman (Vinyl Special)

First broadcast date: 10 April 2017

One of the biggest names in contemporary DJing, Oneman has become renowned around the world for his ability to seamlessly marry classics with current beats – from oldschool UK garage to DMZ style dubstep, and his famed hip hop and R&B sets.

He presents two hours of vinyl only selections, looking back on the stories connected to his favourite record shop finds.

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Marcia Hines – Easy Evil [Wizard Records] // USA
Shirley and Lee – I’m Gone [Aladdin Records] // USA
Juicy – Sugar Free (DEO/Radio Mix) [Private I] // USA
Buari – Koko Si [Makossa International] // Ghana
DMX – Slippin’ [Def Jam] // USA
DMX – Damien [Def Jam] // USA
Second Protocol – More Amoure (Dub Mix) [Second Protocol] // UK
DND – Pick Me Up (Ghost Mix) [DND Productions] // UK
Sia – Get Me (Groove Chronicles Remix) [Long Lost Brother] // UK
Sia – Judge Me (Siksense Remix) [Long Lost Brother] // UK
J Da Flex & El-B – When I Fall in Love (Dub Mix) [White Label] // UK
Al Brown – Buggin’ Me [Sidestepper Recordings] // UK
D.E.A Project – Ghetto Child [DEA Project] // UK
D.E.A Project Versus De-Front – Going Wrong [Booby Trap Records] // UK
D.E.A Project – Mariah [Booby Trap Recordings] // UK
Wookie – VCF [S2S Recordings] // UK
Goldie – Believe (M.J Cole Vocal Mix) [Swing City Renegade] // UK
Groove Chronicles – Monologue [Kinky Fox Records] // UK
Burial – Broken Home [Hyperdub] // UK
Q. Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses [All Nations Records] // UK

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