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In the third part of his new series, Osunlade is bringing tunes from his collection, as well as his own discography to the airwaves!

Osunlade is a musician, record label founder and producer. His label, Yoruba Records, reflects his deeply rooted connection to Yoruba traditions: he is a priest of the Ifá religion. Having worked with artists as diverse as Roy Ayers, Salif Keita and Cesária Évora (with a brief stint writing music for Sesame Street), we’re in for an eclectic musical journey.

Listen now Tracklist

WWFM/WYRB: Yoruba Soul Radio Vol.5

01 Billy Hoyle “Intro” (Myele’s Freak)

02 Joey Vandroogenbroeck & Walt Rackman “Fairy Tales”

03 Brijean “Moody”

04 Steve Legget & Mark Hand “Aquarius” ft Greg Blackman

05 Osunlade “Acrylic Venezeula”

06 Boncana Maiga “Koyma Honda”

07 Bless The Mad “Fall Dead” ft Gaia Earth

08 Chocolate Milk “America”

09 LBT “Next Lifetime”

10 The Last Poets “Black Is”

11 Wilfred Luckie “My Thing”

12 Shola Adisa-Farrar & Florian Pellissier Qunitet “Evolution”

13 Roy Haynes “Senyah”

14 Block 16 “Find An Oasis”

Dj Mix (Yoruba Soul Edits)

15 Fink “Berlin Sunrise” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

16 Keith Washington “Kissing You” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

17 Jill Scott “So Gone” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

18 Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

19 Joy Jones “Tell Me How”(Over You)” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

20 Al B Sure “Be With Me” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

21 Floetry “I Want You” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

22 Roberta Flack “Killing Me Softly” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

23 Vivian Greene “Emotional Rollercoaster”

24 Anthony Hamilton “Cant Look Down” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

25 Etta Bond “King 2 Be” (Yoruba Soul Edit)

26 Tikiman “Ruff” (Afefe Iku Edit)

Hosted by Osunlade