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Planet Bitchos: Los Bitchos in Japan


Tune in for a two hour show from London-based cumbia band Los Bitchos, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Serra Petale, Agustina Ruiz, Josefine Jonnson and Nic Crawshaw.

In the absence of being able to tour the world this year, Los Bitchos are hiring a virtual van and hitting the ‘road’ – everyone is invited! Each month they will be exploring a new part of the world, inviting recommendations for new music. Tune in for stories of music they have discovered, shows they have seen and important history we should be learning about.

Listen now Tracklist

4:00A.M. – Taeko Onuki

The Birth of the Odyssey (Monkey Magic) – Go-Die-Go

Nikuzuke (Living Desk of Flesh) – Minoru ‘Hoodoo’ Fushimi

Yellow Magic (Tong Poo) – YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA

マジック·カーペット·ライド – Pizzicato Five

Sun Showered – Soichi Terada

Shinzo No Tobira – Mariah

グッド·ラック – Shintaro Sakamoto

Sukiyaki – Kyu Sakamoto

Cumbia del Monte Fuji – Frente Cumbiero, Minyo Crusaders

moss trumpeter – OOIOO

Smoke and Mirrors – Kikagaku Moyo

Aka – Bo Ningen


datsu . hikage no onna – Otoboke Beaver

Zero – Melt-Banana

I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield – The’s

Love Is My Life – The Golden Cups

Top Of The World – Shonen Knife


Moonlight Densetsu – MANDY B.BLUE

First Date – Yukiko Okada

LOVE SHOWER – Minako Yoshida

ダンシング·ヒーロー(Eat You Up) – Yoko Oginome

Dress Down – 秋元薫

Sports Men – Haruomi Hosono

SAY GOODBYE – Hiroshi Sato