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Project Pablo

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Canadian DJ and producer, and boss of SOBO and ASL Singles Club, Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo takes over for two hours.

Fitz Ellarald – Simulacre Uno [Udacha] // Russia
SW. – Untitled [Sued] // Germany
Project Pablo – Untitled [Unreleased] // Canada
Evy Jane – Breaking // Canada
DJ Wey – Llanganatis [Lovers Flock] // US
Kambo Super Sound – Kambo Super Dub [Sex Tags Amfibia] // Norway
Photek – Into The 90s [Metalheadz] // UK
Project Pablo – Lalime (Beatless) [Magic Wires] // Canada
Dane – Dance To Forget [Common Edit] // Canada
Hot Slot Machine – Rhythm [Diamond Music] // South Africa
Chubb Rock – The Chubbster [Tube Records] // Jamaica
Don Pablo’s Animals – Paranoia [Red Bullet] // Italy
United Gear – Just Better [Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest] // Canada
Project Pablo – Morning Shift [Spring Theory] // Canada
2 Responsible – Write It All Down [ASL Singles Club] // Canada
Forever – Every Second [Olympia Records] // Canada
Powder – Random Ladder With 40 [Born Free Records] // Japan
Ten City – All Loved Out (ILU IFE) (Love Drum) [Ibadan] // US
Naomi Daniel – Stars (Original Mix) [Planet E] // US
Hanna – His Eyes [Sound Signature] // US
Slim Media Player – Pink Hues, Bad News [Pacific Rhythm] // Canada
Artist Unknown – Untitled Track [Unreleased] // N/A
Physical Therapy – More Sugar
Maurizio – Domina (Carl Craig’s Mind Mix) [M] // Germany
Jump Source – Guide To Action [ASL Singles Club] // Canada
Artist Unknown – Untitled Track [Unreleased] // N/A

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