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Psychology of DJing: IG Culture


Our new Psychology of DJing series sees Gilles Peterson interview some of his favourite characters on the world DJ circuit to explore life behind the turntables. Covering a breadth of topics as varied as breastfeeding to the pressures of tough crowds, this series promises searingly honest conversations about the joys and struggles of spinning records.

Gilles Peterson interviews pioneering DJ, performer and producer IG Culture AKA Ian Grant. They discuss how his early work helped shape music history and the pressures that came with it. They also discuss the importance of making sacrifices, the willingness to do things differently and the magical feeling when a dance floor clicks and a set takes on a life of its own.

Listen now Tracklist

New Sector Movements – Never Been Closer [Virgin]
Dodge City Productions – Unleash Your Love (City Lick Edit) [4th & Broadway]
Quango – Let Groove Come (Instrumental) [People]
New Sector Movements – Mass Car Raid [Virgin]
Quango – Frantic (CoOp mix) [Deeper Soul]
Afro National – Jokenge (IG Culture Edit) [Africa Seven]
New Sector Movements – Mumbo Remix [Jazzy Sport]

// IG Culture //

The Mohawks – Give Me Some [Sir J.J.]
Jesse Gresham Plus 3 – Penguin Pt. 2 [Jewel Records]
Smokey Brooks – Spin It Jig [Now]
Marvin Gaye – You’re The Man (Part 1) [Tamla]
Scorpion – What A Drought [Me Gusto]
Ranking Joe – Saw Them Coming [Razor Sound]
Intimate Strangers – Love Sounds [Alaska]
Ahmad Jamal – Eclipse [20th Century Records]
Billzegyp (feat. Iman Omari) – Bring It Back [Unreleased]
Ezrakh – Afro Blues [Self-Released]
Ezrakh – Yearning For Your Love [Self-Released]
Funkadelic – How Do Yeaw View You? [Westbound Records]
Ray Bryant – Up Above The Rock [Cadet]
Avis – Baby, This I Love I Have [Feline Records]
Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally [Elektra]
Tony Clarke – The Entertainer [Chess]