Dur Dur of Somalia – Salkudhigey [Analog Africa]
Auntie Flo – Nobody Said It Would Be Easy [Brownswood Recordings]
Auntie Flo (feat. Andrew Ashong) – Havana Rhythm Dance [Brownswood Recordings]
Auntie Flo – Isbjorn [Brownswood Recordings]
Auntie Flo – Lights In The Northern Sky [Brownswood Recordings]
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Locked and Loaded [Blue Note Lab]
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills (feat. Carl Hancock Rux) – The Night Watcher [Blue Note France]
Moontribe – Bottles [Fortuna Records]
Moontribe – Osmium [Fortuna Records]
Muqata’a – Marj Ibn Amer [Souk Records]
Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women – Dala Ma Siaya (Living Room Session) [The Vinyl Factory]
Nana Tuffour – Sikyi Medley [Black M Sounds]
Madlaks – Jikovonunu (Young Marco Rework) [Safe Trip]
Niagara – Momento Braga [Principe Discos]
Niagara – Siena [Principe Discos]
Tim Hecker – In mother earth phase [Kranky]
Shackleton – Furnace Of Guts [Woe To The Septic Heart!]
Old World – Peckham Jam [Unreleased]
Hauke Freer – 4G [Paper & Pen]
Maayan Nidam & Kalbata – Chrome Moon [Brush & Broom]
Bateau Bateau – Frustrado por El Sol [Unreleased]
Bateau Bateau – Elumnacion [Unreleased]
Mkwaju Ensemble – Wood Dance [Better Days]
Rimarimba – Glass Abattoir – End [Freedom To Spend]
Holgar Czukay – Persian Love [Gronland Records]

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