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Radio Thawra: Beirut


Tune in for a special broadcast as a part of an international internet radio streams organised by Radio Thawra – commemorating the first anniversary of Thawra. The three hour broadcast will showcase alternating indie artists from the Beirut music scene on Worldwide FM, RSTLSS (Paris), MISK (Tunis) and Radio AlHara (Palestine) in collaboration EBU, the European Broadcasting Union.

Join us and listen to DJ sessions, Jad and Maï playing the emblematic songs of the Thawra, mixed with slogans from the Lebanese street, and iconic protest songs, from hip hop to rock, from soul to electro. Along with the DJ sessions, the live line up includes many talented artists including Tanjaret Daghet, GIZZMO, K.ALI and Melmo in session.

Design by Cynthia Bifani.