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Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume


Tune in for Realistic Behaviour with Alabaster DePlume on Worldwide FM.

This month Alabaster’s live-development band is himself and one other person – cellist and singer Francesca Ter-Berg. They have created music for you live, and delivered performances of composed material, in Alabaster’s own studio at the Total Refreshment Centre.

The show also features a special Guest Segment, of explorations in ideas, from Emily Aoibheann. She’s an exceptional artist and circus aerial performer in Dublin and has prepared for you fifteen minutes of interviews and readings, with performances of folk songs, and music provided by Alabaster.

Emily Aoibheann Guest Segment details. (Aoibheann is the Irish word for Love; pronounced ‘Even’: Aoi = E, bh = v, eann = en)

– Frog and Toad Together, ‘Toad’s Dream’ by Arnold Lobel
– The Farmer’s Curst Wife, from The five-string Banjo American folk styles manual by Peggy Seeger.
Sang by Emily Aoibheann to a cat in a warehouse.
Gráinne Conroy in reference to Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power.
– ‘Buckeye Jim’ from The five-string Banjo American folk styles manual by Peggy Seeger.

– Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics
Ariadna Vendelova
– Camille Paglia, Sex and Violence or Nature and Art
– ‘Brick’, by Alex G, from the album Rocket
with invisible dancing by Emily Aoibheann
– ‘We need to squat’: Emily Aoibheann unable to sleep, in a hotel, before she appears on a panel about art, trying to explain what is important to her.
– ‘O Molly Dear’ by B.F. Shelton, sang by Emily Aoibheann
– Emily Aoibheann in conversation with Peter Power on the popular emphasis for artists to be radical, promoted by arts administrators, organisations and corporations.
– ‘Bonding with Gravity’ from Body Stories by Andrea Olsen.
– ‘Duet’ on bass, by Emily Aoibheann

Listen now Tracklist

01 – LIVE A
02 – Levitation Orchestra – Wave Potentiality
03 – LIVE B (Don’t Forget You’re Precious, by Alabaster)
04 – Ghost in the Tapes – Boppin’
05 – LIVE C
06 – Salami Rose Joe Louis – I Need You
07 – LIVE D
08 – Clementine March – Inside The Wave
09 – LIVE E
00 – Sylken Somers – Robots
11 – LIVE F
12 – The Magic Lantern – Bury Me Not
13 – LIVE G
14 – Salami Rose Joe Louis – Fantasy
15 – LIVE H
16 – Paper Tiger Rogue Planet – The Cycle
17 – Francesca Ter-Berg – Me Sunowa (Phantom Limb)
18 – Marysia Osu – Loop Collection 1 – 05 From My Garden
19 – GUEST SEGMENT by Emily Aoibheann (details below)
20 – Richard Greenan – Rehearsing Heat (KIT records)
21 – Richard Greenan – Puffin’s Choice (KIT records)
22 – Deep Throat Choir – Like A Mountain
23 – Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thousand Knives Of
24 – Thunder Tillman – Condor Sunflower