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Red Rack’em

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Red Rack’em flies in from his adopted home of Berlin and he’s brought a party vibe with him. Weekend-starter vibes.

Track List

Masters At Work – MAW Expensive [Defected] // UK
Geraldo Pino – Heavy Heavy Heavy [RetroAfric] // UK
Marius Popp – Xybaba [Sonar Kollektiv] // Germany
Mahmoud Gania – Lamaalam // Morocco
Vocal Jazz Quartet – Cercuri [Electrecord] // Romania
Ahmed Ali Egal – Ha Iilan
Musique El Auod – Untitled // Morocco
M-Swift Presents. 24 Carat – Cafe Bahia [Columbia] // US
Light Of The World – Emergency [Ensign] // UK
Paris – I Choose You [Bluebird] // UK
Air Force – Morceau
Gnonnas Pedro Y Sus Panchos – Dadje Von O Von Non [Riviera Afrique] // France
London jazz Four – Song For Hilary [Harkit] // UK
The Vikings – Bama Matotoya [Soundway] // UK
Indian Ocean – Treehouse School Bell [4th & Broadway] // UK
Orchestra Universitatii de Jazz Din Illionois – Latino [Sonar Kollektiv] // Germany
Womack by Womack – Conscious of my Conscience [Island] // US
Steve Marshall – You Are The World [Reynolds] // US
Awanto 3 – Knocke Now [Rush Hour] // Netherlands
Material – Ciquri [Red Music] // Netherlands
Alan Hawkshaw – The Speed Of Sound [UPPM] // UK
Juju And Jordash – Same Ol Day [Juju Music] // Germany
Fats Comet – Don’t Forget That Beat [World] // UK

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