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Refraction Festival: Pacific Rhythm with Deep Gnome & Akiko Nakayama


Refraction Festival is a two-week audio-visual experience and online festival celebrating electronic music, visual art, & internet culture.

Akiko Nakayama‘s work takes the classic medium of painting to unexpected and post-modern places. The Japanese artist brings her experimental music to life using vibrant, brilliant liquids that combine and wash away, meant to represent the natural growth, change and life cycle of all things on earth. As her sounds mutate through textures soft and hard, resonant and soothing, her liquids mimic those sounds, creating a visual paradigm that represents some of the most mind-blowing effects you’d see at any festival — except they’re happening in real life, right at her fingertips.

Pacific Rhythm started as a way to showcase young dance music producers from Vancouver, with a lauded 12-inch series called ‘Rhythms Of The Pacific’. Since then, the label’s reach has widened, stretching across to Toronto and Montreal with releases from Ex-Terrestrial, Unknown Mobile, Jump Source and Active Surplus. Though Pacific Rhythm’s sound has evolved over the years, one thing has stayed the same: the label’s commitment to soulful, earthy rhythms, building on the smoky atmospherics and jazzy melodies associated with their hometown in Vancouver. In recent years have collaborated with Vancouver based illustrator and artist deep.gnome to further develop the label’s visual narrative. This performance will be a part of that ongoing exploration and feature unreleased and forthcoming material from the Pacific Rhythm catalog.

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