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Bandulu Records Takeover: Tash LC with Kahn + Neek, Hi5 Ghost, Boofy, Commodo


Bandulu Records Takeover with Kahn + Neek, Hi5Ghost, Boofy and Commodo. Hosted by Tash LC, we journey through the iconic Bristol institution Bandulu Records.

Kahn + Neek

Although often painted as two of the UK’s meanest warlord selectors, Kahn & Neek’s ruff-and-tuff reputation often masks how intelligent and fluid their DJ sets really are. Rolling between grime, dubstep and various mutated sound system styles (and all on wax), they’re as comfortable playing meditative, heads-only DMZ raves as they are playing to rowdy festival crowds, matching their output accordingly.

Masters of pulling out records from seemingly nowhere – often VIPs or dubs they’ll have cut especially for whatever party they’re playing – the two, having both learnt to DJ as kids, are always in-sync with their movements too. Informed by their own individual and collective musical pursuits away from Kahn & Neek, especially as part of 11-strong musical collective Young Echo and as label heads of their Bandulu label, it is their insistence on staying true to traditional sound system culture that makes them such an exciting and powerful DJ outfit.​


Hi5Ghost is one of Bristol’s most promising up and coming DJ-producers. A certified member of the Bandulu Gang, Hi5Ghost emerged with his breakthrough single ‘Kung Fu Kick’ in 2014, released on Bandulu Records, the vinyl-only DIY label from Kahn and Neek. Following his summer track ‘No Sleep’, released on Hotline Records, the 26-year-old’s Hi5Ghost EP, again released on Bandulu, was titled Holy I$$h. comprised of three brand new originals and a remix of a Lemzly Dale tune, the EP has been well-received by many of the scene’s big players. As well as releasing on Bandulu and Hotline, Hi5Ghost has brought out music on his own PaperCranes record label, often under his Wu Yen alias. A fan of Grime and Dubstep since age 13, Hi5Ghost has watched the scene evolved before his eyes. Now very much a part of that evolution, the DJ has mixed for the likes of Rinse FM, and taken to the booth at clubs up and down the country.


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Young producer Boofy is a boundary-pushing DJ and producer from Bristol. He co-founded the label Sector 7 Sounds, which has proven itself as one of the UK’s most successful new underground labels in years. Sector 7’s entirely sold-out back catalogue consists of a high quality selection of both established and up and coming DJ-producers, an eclectic mix of sounds linked by one overarching vision. Boofy’s sets always consist of only the best dubplates, coming from Grime and Dubstep’s most influential artists. The DJ is also known to weave his own forthcoming and unreleased music into his mixes, adding another level of originality to the mix.


An artist with minimal online presence and who keeps himself to himself, Commodo is one of an increasingly rare few who make waves through the strength of their music alone. He builds bass-focussed beats with soul and substance that never perpetuate a formula, distancing himself from contemporaries with ingenious sampling and sound design influenced by his long-time affinity with the vibrancy of hiphop. Regardless of whether it’s the tough, dread-pressurised bassweight of his dancefloor-leaning productions or the tonally rich and immersive qualities of his more cerebral work, his scrupulous studio techniques are evidenced by the resounding freshness and longevity of his tracks both new and old. His inherently unique and accomplished production style earned him recognition right from the outset of his ascendancy and garnered early attention from a host of key figures within the dubstep community; finding a natural home for his music at the bastion of low frequency excellence, Deep Medi Musik.

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