Rich Medina

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

As promised, DJ, producer and poet, Rich Medina came through with nothing but flavoursome rhythms. Listen back and browse through the track-list to make the most out of this euphonious moment.

Angie Dixion – Underneath These Clouds [N/A] // UK
Marker Starling – Would You Believe in Me [Tin Angel Records] // UK
Mark rnestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Yermande [Ndagga] // Germany
Mayafa – Mercy,Mercy, Mercy![Right Tempo] // Italy
Incognito – Still A Friend of Mine [TALKIN’ LOUD] // UK
Heatwave – The Star of A Story [Epic] // USA
N/A – (4Hero Remix)
Untitled – Talk Black Guy [Street Corner Music] // USA
What a Fool Believes – Aretha Franklin [ARISTA] // USA
Vera De Ogum – Samba de Roda De Preto Velho [Tapecar] //Brasil
The Ventures -Theme from, ‘Shaft’ [United Artists Record] // USA
Emanuel K. Rahim and The Khaliq’s – Total Submission [Cobblestone] // USA
Emanuel K. Rahim and The Khaliq’s – Spirit of Truth [Cobblestone] // USA
D’ Angelo – She’s Always In My Hair (14kt Remix) [Solid Gold Se7″ens] // USA
Moments – Next Time That I see you [Stang Records] // USA
Paul Horn – Too High [Epic] // USA
Lee Dorsey – Candy Yam [AMY] // USA
Rotary Connection – Memory Band [Cadet Concept Record] // USA
Dwight Druik – Georgy Porgy [Bobinason] (Instrumental) // France
Dwight Druik – Georgy Porgy [Bibinaso] // France
Ely Camargo ‎– Taieiras [RCA] // Brasil
Bacao Rhythm & Steel – Bacao Suave [BIG CROWN] // USA
Steve Spacek – Eve (J-Dilla Remix) [N/A] // UK
Fela Kuti – Stalemate [Afrodisia] // Nigeria
Freddie Roach – Spacious [Prestige] // UK

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