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Min June Park aka DJ Soulscape, one of the best known and most respected DJs in South Korea, has been arranging and composing music under a whole other persona since as early as 2000.

Coming direct from Seoul, Soulscape will be offering an eclectic blend of old and new, paying homage to forgotten Korean music from the 1960s and 70s.

Listen now Tracklist

Y2k92 – Nugunga [Studio360]

Mogwaa – Theme From 07307 [Clique Records]

Lemon – Nap [Self-release]

B-free – Ridin (Feat. Cokejazz) [New Wave Records]

Sumin – Your Home (Feat. Xin Seha) [Self-release]

Sumin – Sugar Fountain (Feat. Pomrad) [Self-release]

Jns – Letgo (Original Mix) [Honeybadger Records]

Leevisa – Doorbell [Self-release]

Otakhee – Strm O [Self-release]

Two Tone Shape – Color Penetration [Honeybadger Records]

Dj Bowlcut – 37th Chambre [Honeybadger Records]

Cabinett – Generator [Honeybadger Records]

Wekeyz – Sugar (Feat. Chloe Devita, Uglyduck) [8balltown]

Cifika & Ohhyuk – Momom [Tck]

Glam Gould – Her [Self-release]

4kapas – Ur [Self-release]

Beautiful Disco – Surf Rhodes [Fuzzoscope]

Moon Yirang X Hoody – Aphasia [Tck]

Yun Seok Cheol Trio – Free Rhythm (Mood Schula Remix) [Private Curve]

Glen Check – Dreaming Kills [Bana]

Millic – I’m Good (Feat. Rejjie Snow) [High Ground]

Peejay – Nabya (Feat. Zion.T) [Walkin’ Records]

E-sens – Tick Tock (Dopenhagen Mix Feat. Masta-wu) [Bana]

Kirin – Summer Holiday (88 California Mix) [8 Ball Town]

Zayvo – 멍멍잉 [Self-release]

Huni’g And His Band – 추상 [Self-release]

Silica Gel – Neo Soul [Bgbg Records]