now playing Simbad with Folamour


Mafai & Fluxy Feat. Aba Ariginals – 1st Trumpet [Mafflux Songs] // Jamaica
I Kong – Life’s Road [Charley Records] // Jamaica
Monyaka Band – Rocking Dub [Monyaka] //Canada
Michael Prophet – Let Jah Be Praised [Jet Star Music LTD] // Jamaica
Freddie McGregor – Rastaman Camp [Studio One] // Jamaica
Bob Marley – African Herbsman [Trojan Records] // Jamaica
Lacksley Castell – Princess Lady [Negus Roots] // Jamaica
Junior Keating – African Queen [Rootikal] // Jamaica
Matic Horns – African Horns [Rookital] // Jamaica
Desi Roots – Sound Of Freedom [Kickin Music Limited] // Jamaica
Black Uhuru – Coming To Dinner [Heartbeat Records] // Jamaica
Desi Roots – Jeremiah Special (Dubplate mix) [Hawkeye] // Jamaica
Al Campbell – Monkey Sample [Taxi] // Jamaica
Al Campbell – Jungle Mouth [Taxi] // Jamaica
Dennis Brown – Open Up [Joe Gibbs Music] // Jamaica
Dynamics – Never Let You Go [Studio One] // Jamaica
Michael Rose – Stepping Dub [M Records] // Jamaica
Vivian Jones – Fire (Grenfell Tower) [Imperial House] // UK
Prince Alla – Promised Land [Test Pressing] // Jamaica
Prince Alla – Land of Dub [Test Pressing] // Jamaica
Emeterians – Hardest Thing to Say [Pecking Records] // UK
Teddy Dan – Jah In Glory [Pecking Records] // UK
Troublesome -Oh Jah [Pecking Records] // UK
Matic Horns – Mandela [H.A.T Music Co] // UK
Vivian Jones – Blackhart Man [Imperial House Music] // UK
Barry Brown – I Love Sweet Jah Jah [Suffering Heights] // Jamaica
Vivian Jones – African Daughter Ire [Imperial House Music] // UK
Keating Roots – Politician [Rootikal] // UK

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