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Sounds of Resistance With Ethiopian Records


Endeguena Mulu is one of the leading lights of Ethiopia’s electronic music scene.

Ethiopian Records mixes traditional and contemporary sounds and rhythms with the techniques and tools used in electronic music to create something he calls Ethiopiyawi Electronic, something that is trying to be eternally Ethiopian and African.

Listen now Tracklist

Ethiopian Records – Ande (One) ft Debo Band [Ethiopian Records]
Fis – Heart Wash [Subtext]
Mr Raoul K – Intelligent Revolution [Baobab Music]
Fis – Independently Together [Subtext]
Killer Mike – Reagan [Wiliams Street Records]
Etenesh et Le Tigre des Platanes – Awash [Buda Musique]
Joey Le Soldat – BEOGO [Self Released]
Charles Mingus – Haitian Fight Song [Atlantic]
Pamfalon – Temar [Self Released]
Shigeto – Detroit Part I [Ghostly International]
Irfan Rainy & Baba Israel – Freedom Music (Black Motion Aquarian Mix) [Tribe Records]
Shigeto – Friends and Lovers [Unknown]
OTIM ALPHA – Gang Ber Ki Dako [Nyege Nyege Tapes]