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Spectrums with Cosmo Sofi


Cosmo Sofi is a London-based Uruguayan DJ and designer. Curious about music and culture, Sofi loves to dig deep and discover soulful sounds from the world and beyond and share them with people. Music for open ears, open minds and open hearts.

On this month’s show, Sofi will take you for an hour long sonic trip around the world. Expect the usual jazzy, funk, soulful rhythms plus cosmic synths with a healthy dose of psychedelia. Cosmic colourful sounds from different times and spaces.

Listen now Tracklist

Brahja – Keepers [RR Gems]

Marius Cultier- Qui Coule Manman-Ou [Fiesta]

Guilherme Coutinho – Atalaia [Mad About Records]

The Supreme Jubilees – Do You Believe? [Light in The Attic]

Natural Essence – Like [Universal Ape Sounds]

Jennifer Lara – I am In Love [Soul Jazz Records]

Haruomi Hosono – Aiwoiwaiaou [Epic]

Shuggie Otis – XL-30 [Epic]

Telegraph Avenue – Something Going [Get Back]

Cosmos Universal Band – Third Eye [J&D]

Willy Chirino – Love Van [Rough Guides]

Aleksandr Zatsepin (Александр Зацепин) – Tanets Shamana [Triassic Tusk Records]

Tony Igiettemo – Baby You Can Do It [PMG]

Mbamina – Kilowi Kilowi [Africa Seven]