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Spencer Martin with Jungle By Night

Jungle by Night is a nine-piece instrumental collective from Amsterdam who performed at legendary festivals. They released their 5th album “LIVINGSTONE” from New Dawn, new label under Rush Hour.
Spencer Martin from Church of Sounds presents a 2-hour show to showcase the talent of Jungle By Night with live session, a DJ set and an interview ahead of their London gig at Jazz Cafe at 16th November.
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Richard Harris – The Prophet [Atlantic Records]
Fofoulah – Ndanane [Unknown]
Brother R – Beyond The Wolves [Unknown]
Jungle By Night – Ja Precis [New Dawn]
Max Roach – Tears For Johannesburg [Candid Productions]
Jeff Parker – Jrifted [International Anthem Recording Co.]
Maurizio Ravalico – A Recurring Dream of Flying [Maurizio Ravalico]
Jamire Williams – Truth Remains Constant [Leaving Records]
Radiohead – Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors [XL Recordings]
Brad Fiedel – The Terminator Theme [Editions Milan Music]
Andy Ransom – Will I Dream [Unknown]
Jungle By Night – Hangmat [New Dawn]
Jungle By Night – Pompette [New Dawn]
Jungle By Night – Stormvogel [New Dawn]
Jungle By Night – Love Boat [New Dawn]
Lunch Money – Unreleased [Unreleased]
Lunch Money – Living 3000 [Unknown]
João Donato – Me Deixa [EMI Music Brasil Ltda]
Puerto Rico All Stars – El Cantar Del Coqui [Combo]
lucila Campos & Oscar Aviles – Mayora! [lempsa]
La Lupe – El Pajarillo [Fania]
N’draman Blintch – Essika-Ti [Hot Mule & Secousse]
Isotope 217 – Harm-O-Lodge [Thrill Jockey Records]