State of Rhythm: Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) with Lauren Hansom

First broadcast date: 27 March 2018

Danilo Plessow AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble is on a constant mission to discover new sounds. Drawing from an impressive record collection, the celebrated DJ and producer shares some of the music that inspires him every month here on Worldwide FM.

This month Danilo is joined by Sydney selector Lauren Hansom.

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 Lauren Hansom


Collin Offord – The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Stats Beneath One’s Feet [EMI Custom Records]
Don ellis – 5/8 Drone [EME Records]
OZ Synth Punk Record
Leong Lau – That Rongeng Sound [Sunscape Records]
WVR BVBY – And another Thing [Plug Seven Records]
WVR BVBY – What is it good for [Plug Seven Records]
Mercury Band – Don’t waste your Life [Philippe Records]
Miguel Salerno – Astrokat [EMS Records]
Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise [MCDE]
Harvey Sutherland – Q3 [Echovolt]
Arlena – When you call my name [Unknown]

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