Kami Kamo – Hurt [Unreleased]
Indio Intro – Mismo Perro [Indio]
Nayo Rao – Azimuth [Unreleased]
Aldolphus – Tune In [Unreleased]
Sampha The Great – River [Bid Dada]
Oshun – Burn [Unknown]
Biig Piig – Getta’ Real Job [Unknown]
Mugwisa International Xylo – Jinja Pearls 1 [On The Records]
Nai Palm – Wititj (Lightning Snake) Pt 1 [Sony Masterworks]
Peyton – Poison Baby [Milky Wayv]
Menagerie – Evolution [Kudos Records]
Max Roach – Triptych [Candid Records]
Dozer Carter – Out Here With Bowie [Unknown]
Unknown Artist – Unknown Artist [Unknown]
Jatwin.- Trust [Unknown]
Dahna – Moonjuice [Self-released]
Dahna – Clouds [Self-released]
Jaybo – Wu-Lu [Self-released]
Dahna – Won’t Cry [Self-released]
Dahna – World Talk [Self-released]
Dahna – Magic [Self-Released]

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