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The Kronicles: ‘Strata Records Edition’ with DJ Amir


Tune in as DJ Amir presents the first episode of his new show “The Kronicles”.

This episode of the Kronicles features music from the Strata Records catalog. For the uninitiated and curious, Strata is from Detroit. DJ Amir has selected some choice cuts from their catalog including everything from Latin, jazz, soul, and a few unreleased songs and his special stories. Tune in!

Listen now Tracklist

1. Ron English ‘Ultima Linda’ Strata/!80 Proof Records

2. Philipp Cohran and the Heritage Ensemble ‘ Malcom X’-Soul Jazz Records

3. The Lightmen Plus One- ‘All Praises To Allah pt. 1 &2’-Now Again Records

4. Bert Myrick ‘Scorpio’s Child’-Strata/!80 Proof/BBE

5.Leon Thomas-‘Shape Your Mind To Die’-Flying Dutchmen

6. Kenny Cox-‘Island Song’ Strata/180 Proof

7. Music Inc.-‘On The Nile’-Strata-East Records

8. The Lyman Woodard Organisation-‘Help Me Get Away’-Strata/180 Proof/BBE

9. Sphere ‘Inside Ourselves’-Strata/180 Proof

10. Contemporary Jazz Quintet (CJQ) ‘Unknown jam number 3’-Strata/180 Proof

11. Fito Foster-‘Salsa Pt. 1’-Strata/180 Proof

12. Sarah Webster Fabio ‘Sweet Songs’- Folkways Records

13. Stanley Cowell-‘Trying To Find A Way’-Strata-East Records

14. Max Roach-‘Garvey’s Ghost’-Impulse Records

15.  Contemporary Jazz Quintet (CJQ) ‘Nguzo Saba (The Struggle)’-Strata/180 Proof

16. Sam Sanders ‘Face At My Window’-Strata/180 Proof

17. Larry Nozero ‘Tune For L.N.’-Strata/180 Proof

18. Maulawi ‘Unknown Track’-Strata/180 Proof

19. Sphere ‘Unknown Track #’-Strata/!80 Proof

20. TJ ‘Time Is Wasting’-Strata/180 Proof/BBE

21. Ursula Walker ‘Out Of This World’ (unreleased) Strata/180 Proof

22. The Soulmates ‘People We Got To Do Better’-Strata/180 Proof

23. Phil Ranelin ‘Vibes From The Tribe’-Tribe Records

24. Charles Mingus ‘Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk’ live recording-Strata/180 Proof/BBE I