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Thiago Nassif with Arto Lindsay


Rio-based singer and songwriter Thiago Nassif is of the progressive new generation of Brazilian songwriters at the moment.

Thiago is joined by the legendary musician, guitarist, singer, experimental composer and his co-producer for his album “Mente“, Arto Lindsay for a selection. The theme of the show is Brazilian music sung or played by Gringos and Gringo music remixed to a Brazilian rhythm.

Listen now Tracklist

1.    Orson Welles and Carmem Miranda – Hello Americans (CBS Radio Show)

2.    Frank Sinatra and Tom Jobim –  I Concentrate On you (Frank Sinatra Interprises, LLC)

3.    Ella Fitzgerald – Bonita (Fantasy,Inc)

4.    Blossom Dearie – Quiet Nights Of quiet Stars (Blue Note Records)

5.     C. Tangana e Toquinho – Comerte Entera (Sony Music Entertainment España)

6.     David Byrne – Office Cowboy (Sire Records Comp, and Luaka Bob Inc)

7.    ムード·ロマンティカ – Lamp (Witz/Polystar.co, Ltd)

8.     Daniel Haaksman. Mc Miltinho  – Kid Conga – (Man Recordings)

9.    Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bim Bom (Kab America Inc)

10. Unknown Russian Group  -Suíte de Pescador (?)

11.  Beck –  Michelangelo Antonioni (UMG)

12. Grupo Y-No – 2d Elegia (YNO)

13. Cornelius – Star Fruit Surf Rider (Warner Music Japan , Post Modern Records)

14. Myazawa – Anjos Irmão Truby Trio Remix (React)

15.  Carmen Miranda e Orson Welles – Hello Americans (CBS Radio Show)

16. Paul Simon – Rythm of the Saints (Sony Music Ent)

17.  Pierre Barouch – Samba Saravah (Editions Saravah)

18.  Chiara Civello e Rubinho jacobina– Sambarilove (Kwaidan records)

19. Orson Welles – Drop of real Brazilian Blood – Hello Americans (CBS Radio Show)

20. Stevie Wonder – Drumming at TV Record Brazil 1970 (BMI broadcast Music))

21. Madlib – Duumbiyay (Madlib Invasion)

22. Miles Davis – Nem um Talvez music by Hermeto Pascoal (Sony BMG music Entertainment)

23. Aaron Thompson and Thiago Nassif – Odale and they Will tell you (Independent)

24. Arto Lindsay – light Moves Away (Rykodisc)

25. Juninho groovador – I want to break free Queen forró version – (UMG, EMI)

26. DJ Tonias -A melhor coisa do mundo  Michael Jackson Billy Jean remix  (Independent)

27.  Funk do sax by Dire Straits your latest trick funk version (Independent)

28. Diamonds by Rhianna pagode version (UMG WMG)

29. Quincy Jones – Lalo Bossa Nova (the Verve Music Group, UMG)

30. Collage by Thiago Nassif – Orson Welles, Carmen Miranda ..finish – Hello Americans (CBS Radio Show)