Thris Tian with Lukasz Wojciechowski (Astigmatic Records) // 13-02-17

First broadcast date: 13 February 2017

Thris Tian is a DJ, former Boiler Room and NTS host and one of our station leads, presenting new releases everyday from the London underground and beyond.

This week Thris Tian is joined by Lukasz Wojciechowski, one third of Astigmatic Records, an independent vinyl label specialising in Polish jazz/funk/psych rock records. They’ll be exploring two hours of Polish wax.

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Lo’Jo – Sur Des Carnets Nus [Wagram Music] // France

IAMNOBODI & Insightful – Wassup [Soulection] // US

NEW GEN – Say Those Words Again (feat. J Warner) [XL Recordings] // UK

Knxledge – eggwhites [Stones Throw] // US

Kaidi Tatham – Chui Nui [First Word] // UK

Daedelus – Slow Riser [Fat Beats] // US

KUTMAH – Jungle Flute [Self-released] // Germany

Aguayo & Spoko – Sm5 [Comeme] // Germany

Red Rack’em – Something That I Thought [Bergerac] // UK

Vince Vella – Lunas [CDR] // UK

Malawi Mouse Boys – Manga (Clap Your Hands) [IRL] // Ireland

Healing Force Project – A Tale From Two Hemispheres [Land Of Dance] // Italy

Janka Nabay – Bubu Dub [Luaka Bop] // US

Mike Collins – Halfway House [MIC Records] // Germany

Fabiano Do Nascimento – Louva-a-Deus “Mantis” [Now-Again] // US

EABS – Waltzing Beyond [Astigmatic] // Poland

Jaubi – Dilla Taal (For J Dilla) [Astigmatic] // Poland

Karara – 1000 Stories [Unreleased]

Stanislav Pav – Majestic Shapes Of Time [Unreleased]

Sarmacja – Chlopa i wierzbe tu rown [Father and Sons Record and Tapes] // Poland

Naptha – Journey Under The Night Sky [Transatlantyk] // Poland

Naptha – Tackle Zone [Unreleased]

Zura – Waz Fryzjerki [U Know Me] // Poland

Bociany – Pastoralka [Unreleased]

Bitamina – Nos, krew, aula [Astigmatic] // Poland

Ali-Babki – To Ziemia (This Earth) [Pronil] // Poland

Jaubi – Time: The Donut of The Heart (J Dilla Cover) [Astigmatic] // Poland

Ryo Kawasaki and the Golden Dragon – Medley a) Thunder – b) Sea Gypsys [Openskye] // Japan

Ryo Kawasaki Group – Snowstorm [MPS] // Germany

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