Tokyo Takeover with SHACHO (SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS)

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Tokyo Takeover with SHACHO (of Soil &”PIMP” Sessions) // 27-12-2016 // 12PM-1PM

Japan’s finest so called DEATH JAZZ collective SOIL&”PIMP”SESSION’S front man and vibe controller SHACHO come through with an hour with some soulful blends.

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Jun Miyake – You would smile so [TDK]
Toshiyuki Honda – Lament [Electric Bird]
Dayme Arocena – African Sunshine [Brownswood] // UK
Mikio Masuda – Istanbul [JVC]
SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS – Harbor [JVC Victor] // US
Speak No Evil – Seven Sea Paradice [Maido Records]
Terumasa Hino – Merry-Go-Round [CBS Sony] // US
Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider [Brownswood] // UK
Max Greaf & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson [Ninja Tune] // UK
Elements of Life.feat: Anane & Lisa Fischer – Most Beautiful
[Joaquin’s Sacred Rhythm Extended Version] [Sacred Rhythm Music]

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