Ulrich Schnauss

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Ulrich Schnauss goes deep, ambient and meditative.

Track list

Bernard Xolotl – Cometary Wailing (Journey To An Oracle) [Fortuna] // US
Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy (Mirage) [WB] // UK
Richard Pinhas ‎– Home: “Ruitor” (East West) [Cuneiform] // US
Franco Leprino ‎– Integrati… Disintegrati [Eleven] // IT
The Singers Unlimited ‎– The Fool On The Hill (A Capella) [MPS Records] // GER
The 7th Plain ‎– Boundaries (Chronicles I) [A-TON] // GER
P’cock ‎– House In The Storm (In’cognito) [Innovative Communication]
Tangerine Dream – Proton Bonfire (Live At Philharmony Szczecin) [Eastgate] // GER
Eberhard Schoener ‎– Why Don’t You Answer Ft. Sting (Flashback) [Harvest] // NL
Bertrand Loreau – Walking On Dunes Of Time (In Search Of Silence) // GER
Earthstar ‎– Part I Sirens (French Skyline) [SKY] // GER
Software ‎– Stranger (Software-Visions) [Innovative Communication] // GER
Neuronium ‎– El Regreso De Ganímedes (Vuelo Químico) [Music For Pleasure] // SPAIN
Tangerine Dream – Madagasmala (Mala Kunia) [Eastgate] // GER

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