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Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold with Pinky Perzelle


Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold  is the musical adventures of Gerry Rooney & Joel Martin.

Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold have captured the imagination of sophisticated music lovers and DJ’s via their acclaimed innovative productions, remixes and unique collectable special version edits. 

As DJ’s, VSHOG see no genre boundaries on the dance-floor, and intrinsically understand the power of music to elevate your mind Body & Soul! 

For this episode, Joel is joined by multi-instrumentalist and selector Pinky Perzelle.

Pinky Perzelle

‘Debuting his latest project ‘Pinky Perzelle’ in early 2018; multi instrumentalist, unruly ventriloquist and well travelled selector – Sonny Rooney’s sonic make up has been passed down and crafted from a strong bloodline of dance music family heritage.

Sonny later began his own journey into music production and song writing, spending the latter half of his teens making records, working on sessions and mixing at various parties across the UK.

Sonny began touring internationally in early 2015 and has since gone on to DJ at some of the worlds most acclaimed clubs and festivals. With an ever-growing list of sets under his belt and increasingly anticipated solo and collaborative projects set for release, you will be hearing much more of his musical vibrations. His expansive DJ selections and bold approach to playing and making music is testament of what’s still to come.’

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