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We Out Here: Charity Spotlight with Choose Love


Choose Love / Help Refugees present an hour of music, stories and updates from the frontline in the fight for rights of refugees everywhere. A selection of team members and amazing artists affiliated with the organisation bring their perspectives and share their forward thinking and positive messages as we celebrate their great work at We Out Here 2020.

Choose Love / Help Refugees was born from a movement that shows in the face of apathy and injustice, we don’t have to stand by and watch. We can act. Founded in 2015 in response to the humanitarian emergency in Calais, Northern France, they now support over 120 grassroots projects in Europe, the UK, the Middle East and on the US-Mexico Border. Filling the gaps where larger NGOs and governments can’t or won’t act, they support everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats, to food provision, legal support and safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ refugees and unaccompanied children. They amplify the voices of the people they work with, fighting racist policies and working towards a world in which all people are valued and welcome. Choose Love / Help Refugees partners credited in this show are: Say it Loud Club, May Project Gardens (and their programme Hip Hop Garden) and Goodchance Theatre. Follow @chooselove on socials

Photo credit Good Chance Theatre.

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