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Worldwide Family New Year Takeover: Simbad


Worldwide Family New Year Takeover: Simbad // 02-01-2017 // 12PM-2PM

Simbad on the controls for two hours starting 2017 on a very groovy foot. Who better to bless one of the first sessions in 2017 with than DJ Simbad? 1st hour is an overview(ish) of the past year and then we go deep with an hour of SMBD exclusives.

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Kinda Best Of 2016

Steven Julien End UK
JaJa Kisses Ocean UK
Sir E.U Left Wrist US
Kiera Lorelle Au Revoir Tristesse UK
Mr Carmack Low End Theory LA US
Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin Rocket Science UK
Dan Kye Tolle UK
Hi & Saberhagen Everything Is Good IR
Brisa Illumintaion JP
Seven Davis Jr Prince Michael US
Sameed Can’t You UK
Steve Spacek Follow Me UK
DVA [Hi-Emotions] Memories Of Offline Activities UK
Poirier Kypoli CAN
Zomby & Rezett S.D.Y.F UK
Burial Young Death UK
Makola This Is London UK
The Voices Of East Harlem New Vibrations US

Simbad presents SMBD holiday dubs

SMBD Message 316 Apron Rec (Forthcoming 2017)
Francis Bebey Senza Tristess (Simbad Remix) Bandcamp
Midnight Ravers Anna (Simbad Remix) Jarring Effects
SMBD Saturn (Unreleased)
Fred P & SMBD Angel Dust (Forthcoming 2017)
SMBD Lemon Sexy
Deetron Strange Things (Simbad Remix) Bandcamp
Simbad feat Face Evaluate (Mix 2) (Unreleased)
SMBD Lay Down (Unreleased)
Simbad feat Andre Reconnect (Forthcoming 2017)
SMBD & Pedro Untitled (Unreleased)
SMBD Orgasm (Forthcoming 2017)
Simbad feat Diane Charlemagne (RIP) Faith (Unreleased)
SMBD Nu What (Moon Theory) Apron Rec (Forthcoming 2017)
SMBD Message 406 Apron Rec (Forthcoming 2017)
RUBA KPO We Are World (Simbad Suite) Sonar Kollektiv
SMBD Rainin’ Luv Bandcamp

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