WW Berlin: Alex Barck with Henrik Schwarz & Claas Brieler

First broadcast date: 7 November 2017

Fortnightly show from Berlin exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exile and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews.

This inaugural show features Henrik Schwarz, one of the most prolific German artists of the last decade, while host Alex Barck and his crew present rare and otherwise unusual German music. Claas Brieler also drops a few records in the mix.

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Mike Herting “Algodoal” (veraBra Records, 1990)
Doldinger’s Motherhood “Yesterday’s Song” (Liberty, 1970)
Pascal von Wroblewsky “Swimming Pool” (Amiga, 1986)
Gruppe Jürgen Kerth “Nacht Unterwegs” (Amiga, 1978)
Westend 2 – “Vergessen” (Cues Recording)
Potpourri – “Ich bin durchsichtig” (Ahorn 1982)
Klangfred – “Tempo 100” (Telefunken, 1982)
Henrik Schwarz – “Zentrifuge” (Promo)
Philip Glass – Satyagraha (CBS, 1985)
Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Weseltoft – “Untitled, 2 Pianos live in Montreux”)
Khaled Kurbeh & Raman Khalaaf Ensemble “Shamal” (Between Buttons)
BKO Quintet “Kononale” (Maraka Productions)
Bola Johnson -“Ezuko Buzo” (Henrik Schwarz Blend) Live at Sub Club Glasgow
Henrik Schwarz – “Kantine” (Watergate)
Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet “CCMYK 4” (Between Buttons)
Robin Williamson – “The World” (ECM)
Soar – “Vox”(Corazoo, 1997)
ELOY – “Horizons” (Harvest, 1980)
Populäre Mechanik – “Scharfer Schnitt” (Private Pressing, 1981)
Veronika Fischer  – “Schönhauser” (Amiga, 1977)
Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn – “Violent Jewels” (Orbeatize, 1985)

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