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WW Brisbane: Sampology with Borrowed CS


This week for our rotation of shows broadcasting every week from Melbourne and Brisbane, we have the founder of Middle Name Records, producer Sampology coming to you from Brisbane.


Listen now Tracklist

Sampology – Mt Glorious (Stringapella) (Middle Name Records)
David Versace – Sunday (Self Release)
Clear Path Ensemble – Jerry’s Funk (Cosmic Compositions)
Borrowed CS (Ft Mara TK) Brainstorm –
Borrowed CS – Balance (Planet Trip)
Syndicate – Give Me Your Love
Natalie Slade – Gimme Ya Love (Eglo Records)
J-Felix – Be Thankful For What you Got ft. Sol Goodman (Tru Thoughts)
John Beltran – Entardecer
Laik – Rosedrops (Mandarin Dreams)
Silent Jay – Summer Talks With The Ex (Nap King Cole)
Silent Jay – I Don’t Know What To Say (Nap King Cole)
Shall I Bruk It Flip – Sinner Man
Scott Grooves – Mesolista
Roy Ayers – Reaching The Highest Pleasure (BBE)
– Borrowed CS in conversation-
Myele Manzana – Pencarrow – Borrowed CS Clear Path Depiction (First Word)
Solaa – Syphlike
Avantdale Bowling Club – Quincy’s March (Years Gone By)
Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)
Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)
Borrowed CS – Arch
Borrowed CS – Walking On The Sun
Borrowed CS – Ascend (Planet Trip)
Borrowed CS – Mystic Shuffle (Planet Trip)
Micronism – Eventide (Loop Recordings)
Natureboy Flako – Aura Inocente
-Words From Kurt from La Sape Records)
Zeitgeist & Tucker – Gathering (La Sape Records)
Godtet – Struck Bamboo Pipes No. 2 (La Sape Records)
Aroop Roy – Flecha De Foga (GAMM)
Catching Flies – New Gods (Ron Basejam Remix)
Larry Quest – Cortical
Gordon Koang – Mal Mi Goa (Ginoli Remix)
Matt Grey – The Regular
Head In The iClouds – Interface Palm (Broken District)
Benny Salvador – Dimensions