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WW Brisbane: Sampology with Ravi & David Versace (First Beige)


Our weekly broadcasts from Australia return with Brisbane producer, DJ and Middle Name Records boss Sampology shining a light on leftfield electronica, jazz and more.

Sampology is joined by DJ Ravi in conversation and for a guest mix including rare cuts including rare Australian Jazz and dubplates of forthcoming local samba/jazz.

DJ and producer David Versace of First Beige will also be on the joining him in the studio this week.

Listen now Tracklist

David Versace – Love Expressions [Self Release]
Quantic – 01 Orquídea ft. Sly5thAve (Sampology Remix) [Tru Thoughts]

Ravi Guest Mix //

The Benders – Verandah [Hot Records]
Nick Mathis – Little Sunflower [Olijewel Records]
The View From Madeleine’s Couch – Meu Anjo [Self Release]
Kate Caberano – Like Now [Regular Records]
Rise Black Spirit – Margeeah [Kingdom Sounds]
Syndicate – Give Me Your Love [Unknown]
Chi – Say What? [Oui Records]

Sampology //

30/70 – Flowers [Rhythm Section]
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Maida Vale Session) [Warp]
Clever Austin – B1 [Wonder Island/Touching Bass]
Balcony Watching – David Versace [Self Release]
First Beige – Oscars Car [Self Release]
Natural Lateral – 46 to Foulden [Unknown]
Cody Currie & Joel Holmes – Theme One [Toy Tonics]
Dom Bird – Yemayá [Beats Of No Nation]
Fana – Jonny Faith ft. Mohamed Camara [Heard And Felt]
Antiphon – Yucateco [La Sape]
Squidgenini – Trigger Me [Self Release]
Alogte Oho and His Sounds Of Joy – Sandana Fom [Philophon]
DJ Ni**a Fox – Talanzele [Pricipe Discos]
Interface Palm – Popup Plant Sale [Beats Of No Nation]
Jad & The – R U There? [Beats Of No Nation]
Destiny71z – foodprogramvoltage [Eglo Records]
Borrowed cs – Brainstorm ft. Mara TK [Self Release]