WW Daily: Erica McKoy with Fehdah (Live)

First broadcast date: 19 February 2019

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Erica is joined by future-afro soul vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fehdah in session and for a morning chat.

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Infinite Spirit Music – Children’s Song [Ancient Afrika Records]
Fehdah – Like No Other [Hipdrop Records]
Allysha Joy – Swallow Me [Gondwana Records]
Layfullstop – Ying Yang [Roots Raddix]
Sarina Leah – Bird Kingdom [Wildsuga]
Eumir Deodato – Arranha Ceu (Skyscrappers) [Forthcoming Far Out Recordings]
Nai Palm – When The Knife [Masterworks]
Theon Cross – The Offering [Gearbox Records]
Ali Hassan Kuban – Mabruk [Piranha]
Ronin Arkestra – Stranger Searching [Albert’s Favourites]

Live Performance Fehdah

Fehdah – What Have I Done [Hipdrop Records]
Fehdah – Saharakungoh [Self-Released]

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