WW Daily: Erica McKoy with Yuno // 21-11-18

First broadcast date: 21 November 2018

Our Daily show, hosted by Tina Edwards on Mondays and Fridays, and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show.

For today’s show, Erica will be joined by Yuno Moodie, the singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.


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Mental Abstrato feat. Rodrigo Brandao – Khamisi [Unknown]
Allysha Joy – Eagle [Gondwana Records]
Planet Battagon – Salacians of Trans [Unknown]
Lunch Money – Living3000 [Unknown]
Chip Wickham – Rebel 23 [Unknown]
Kaos – Protokoll [Unknown]
iZem – Change [Unknown]
Duval Timothy – Ball [Carrying Colour]
Yuno – Amber [Sub Pop Records]
iZem Change [Unknown]
Yuno – Galapogos [Sub Pop Records]

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