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For our first ever WW Daily en español, Cuban producer and label boss at Guámpara Music, DJ Jigüe, brings his selections and chat to the studio.

Listen now Tracklist

Subelo Cuba Feat. Yasek Manzano – Blues De Mi Barrio
Dayme Arocena – Gods Of Yoruba
Juan Pablo Torres – Pastel En Descarga
Cachao – Cogele El Golpe
DJ Jigue – Unreleased
DJ Jigue – Unreleased
DJ Jigue – Unreleased
DJ Jigue – Unreleased
DJ Jigue – Unreleased
DJ Jigue – Ponte De Pie [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Nostalgia Cubana (Remix) [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Rumba Completa (Unreleased) [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Anabacoa (Sal de la Cueva)(Remix) [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Afrocubismo Club [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Claudia [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Ingravito Perc (Unreleased) [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Orun Seco (Remix) [Guampara Music]
DJ Jigue – Sigue Los Pasos
DJ Jigue – Compañeros Tropicales
DJ Jigue – Luna Tropical
DJ Jigue  – Juegala (Demo)
DJ Jigue – Con Ganas
DJ Jigue – Pacha Mama

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