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WW Detroit: Shigeto & Tammy Lakkis


Tune in for a two hour show from Shigeto and Tammy Lakkis coming to you live from Detroit.

Their selections are a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades with his hip-hop, IDM, sub-bass and ambient infused selections. Lockdown and lock in.

Listen now Tracklist

Afternoon of a Georgia Faun-Marion Brown
Keshavaya Namaha- Bombay jayashri
Afternoon of a Georgia Faun – Marion Brown
Noveling (prod. Black Noi$e and Raphy) – J.U.S.
Kool G – Self Says
Messages-Sharada Shashidhar
SheiKh – JunKi
Nomalizo- Letta Mbulu
Temptress – Divine Interface, Stefan Ringer
Zoique III- Ramuntcho Matta
The Ladder-Ghostwerk
Woop – Wet Dog
Heavy in Stereo-Igor Jadranin
Midas Touch (Bassapella) – Midnight Star
Track-n the Beats with Linn-Farley Funkin Keith
Adinkra (ft Miles Bonny)- DJ APPLEJAC
Something Before Nothing – Monolithic
Who Can – Bale Defoe
Untitled- Jo Rad Silver
Barké- Falle Nioke, Ghost Culture
Game no. 1 – Street Kids
A Beat for You-Glen Adams
Bigger Than Me – ZelooperZ
Bar Smithing / Off safety Prod. Raphy – Fat Ray
Activation Groove – DJ Swisha
Paradise Loop – DJ Swisha
La Coladera – Freh Khodja
Festival Amahaya- George Mukabi
Gemeni- Slikback
Table Service (prod. Skywlkr)- J.U.S.
Ulla et Georgie – Jean-Pierre MIROUZE
Life Dub- 2-BMW
Pump-n the Bass – Farley Funkin Keith
Notice -Tammy Lakkis