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WW Detroit: Shigeto


Michigan native Shigeto presents two hours in tribute to Detroit live from our London studio.

Shigeto is a producer and drummer who blends IDM, left-field hip hop and techno.

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Chanes x Lexiix – Methany
Dabrye – Gimme lowlands [Tokuma Japan Communications]
Sun Hammer – Reverberations [Full Spectrum Records]
Black Milk – London
Zelooperz – Bob James [Unreleased]
Zelooperz – Bubble Guts [Unreleased]
Zelooperz – Bungalow [Unreleased]
Chanes & Dayggs – Sunday Morning [Unreleased]
Pablo R. Ruiz – Bad Hombre [Unreleased]
Pablo R. Ruiz – Portel Escondido [Unreleased]
Charles Trees – Maternity [Unreleased]
Charles Trees – Flex [Unreleased]
Black Noi$e – Fight Riff [Unreleased]
Black Noi$e – Numbers 2-3-2 [Unreleased]
Julian Kendal – Assumptions [Vanity Press Records]
Pablo R. Ruiz – El Sueno Capitalista [Unreleased]
Charles Trees – Feels [Vanity Press Records]
Pablo R. Ruiz – Y U Crawling on Me [Unreleased]
Shigeto – Ice Breaker [Ghostly International]
Shigeto – Wit da Cup [Ghostly International]
D3 – Wajeed’s Detroit Winter Remix [Unreleased]
Tod Osborne – Back 2 the Dam Thang [Unreleased]
Tod Osborne – We gonna jak [Unreleased]
Tod Osborne and Luke Vibert – Unknown [Unrelesaed]
Dayggs – Bootiest of Butt [Unreleased]
Josef Deas – Legacy [Unreleased]
Josef Deas – No 6_2 [Unreleased]
Adolf Jyn – Lost in the dawn [Unreleased]
Adolf Jyn – Una [Unrelesed]
Paul White – Street Lights ft. Danny Brown (Dabrye Remix) [White Label]
Harold McKinney – Eden [Unreleased]
Shigeto – A2d (Aapv) [Ghostly International]