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WW Éireann with Peter Curtin


The Irish independent music scene is bubbling right now, and DJ Peter Curtin has the freshest new sounds from the underground. Tune in for WW Éireann.

Listen now Tracklist

Tolü Makay // Riot Song [Self]

Brién // Sundried [Soft Boy Records]

Danny G & The Major 7ths ft. Tolü Makay & Jamel Franklin // D.A.R.L.I.N.G [Hipdrop Records]

Fehdah // Day In Shock [D12 Loud]

Jar Jar Jr. // Easel Or Spit [Unreleased]

Denise Chaila // Chaila [narolane recordings]

Aby Coulibaly // Taurus  [Chamomile Records]

Jehnova // Weak Days [NUXSENSE]

Monjola // Know You [Chamomile Records]

Loah // Birthmark [Self]

Gemma Dunleavy // Crusin [Self]

Paj // Superman [Self]

Sputnik One // Smart Lung [First Second Label]

Cherubim // To See [Self]

Class Action // Waves Of Gratitude [Loose Ends Music]

Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet // Fables Of The Solar Gods [Forthcoming Fly High Society]

Kean Kavanagh // Roll Over! [Soft Boy Records]

Natural Wild // Hot & Sexable (Morgan Buckley’s Compressor Mix) [Forthcoming All City]

Sad City // Take Your Time (jam) [Self]

Rejjie Snow ft. MF DOOM & Cam O’bi // Cookie Chips [300 ENT.]

Alex Gough // Be Kind [Self]

Celaviedmai ft. Nealo & Alan Mckee // Questions [Self]

TAU & The Drones of Praise ft. Deirdre Mulrooney // All That Is [Drones of Praise]

Dreamcycles // Memory Laneways [Queeste Records]

nrthrd // Praise To The Place [bifb]

BARQ // Dive [BARQ Music] 

Act of Algebra // The Devil’s in the Gin [Self]

Archy Moor ft. Osquello // The Long Road [Self]

George Feely // Stanley’s Disco [Nervous Records]

po-lar-ity ft. anne wirz // resolution [Yoruba Records]

Tommy Holohan // South Beach Burnin Bins [Rave Selekts]

Mango X Mathman // Mad Ting (SertOne Remix) [Unreleased]

Akia // quari-mine [Self]

Meljoann // Business Card [Boy Scout Audio]

MuRli // No Exit [narolane recordings]

lastminuteman // Machine Zone [wherethetimegoes]

The Bonk // Time To Cop On [Self]

Song Sung // Orbiting Slow [Night Time Stories]

Demigosh // Ibi [Self]

NEOMADiC // Mr Nice Guy [Self]

The Vendetta Suite // Shut Up Ya Doors Dub [Nocturne Records] 

Reetabix // Ice Cream Dreaming [Self]

New Members // Forcefield Shifta [Pear]

Royal Yellow // May The First [Self]

Nashpaints // Amo [wherethetimegoes]

dirty dreamer // Electric Sleep [Self]

Planting // The Low Sun [Self]

Schisms // Rap Master 1 [Fort Evil Fruit]

Danny Lanham // Choon Gum [PX Music]

Comrade Hat // Summer of Glove [Self]