WW Glasgow: Rebecca Vasmant with Al Kent, Georgia Cecile and Fergus Mcredie

First broadcast date: 30 May 2018

Two hour show focusing on the Glasgow music scene. Rebecca Vasmant hosts  guests who have been influential parts of the scene with their clubs and input over the last two decades. Together they detail the scene, play some records and portray their vision of the city they call home.

For this show Rebecca welcomes Al Kent of BBE/Million Dollar Disco, Georgia Cecile nominee at the Scottish Jazz awards 2018 and Fergus Mcredie, Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2014 and winner of Peter Whittingham Award.

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Joe Malik – Vanguard [Unknown]
Carlos Garnett – Ebonesque [Muse Records]
Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares – Baca Sara [Far Out Records]
Bobby Timmons Trio – So Tired [Riverside Records]
Fergus McCreadie Trio – The Teacher [Unknown]
Thomas Stronen – I Don’t Wait For Anyone [ECM Records]
Bill Evans – Elsa [Milestone Records]
Fergus McCreadie Trio – Hillfoot Glen [Unknown]
Fergus McCreadie Trio – Ardbeg [Unknown]
Fergus McCreadie Trio – Mull [Unknown]
Deodato – Groovitation [Warner]

// Al Kent Guest Mix Tracklist To Come //

Dorothy Morrison – Rain (Al Kent Edit) [Elektra]
Willy Chirino – Somos (Al Kent Edit) [Borinquen]
James Last – Se A Cabo (Al Kent Edit) [Polydor]
Cross Island – East Of The Apple (Al Kent Edit) [Kalita]

Victor Assis Brasil – Wave [Far Out]
Elvin Jones Jimmy Garrison Sextet – Oriental Flower [Impulse!]
Elvin Jones – Salty Iron [Vanguard]
Georgia Cécile – Come Summertime [Unknown]
Georgia Cécile – Love Is A Thief [Unknown]
James Tatum – Zoombah Lu (Live) [Jazzman]

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