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WW Helsinki Special: Klaus Wing with Jimi Tenor

WW Helsinki presenter Klaus Wing brings the WW Helsinki to London HQ together with Jimi Tenor, Finnish multi-instrumentalist.
Jimi plays live performance in studio for Worldwide FM’s 2nd birthday.

Klaus Wing is a Helsinki-based broadcaster and a DJ on the national Finnish radio Bassoradio. As a founder of the weekly TINGS radio show and an active music journalist, he is known for introducing new national acts from Finland as well as curating the brilliant Magnesia Festival.

Jimi Tenor

Musician and composer Jimi Tenor is an unconventional and unique pop artist. After spending twenty years as a professional musician, Tenors has grown into an established European artist who operates outside the mainstream. With releases on labels such as Warp, Studio Barhus and PUU, Tenor’s sound expands across the musical spectrum of Finland and the universe.

Listen now Tracklist

Raivo Tammik Instrumental Ensemble – Kahekesi Öhtul [Afro7]
Pekka Streng – Puutarhassa [Siboney Oy]
Kuusumun Profeetta – Kysymysten Sali [Ektro]
Kasper Feat. Karin – Mä Täytän Aikaa [WM Finland]
Harvest – Pink Forest [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
Otis Sandsjo – Yung [We Jazz]
Olli Ahvenlahti – Miles Away [We Jazz]
Bossapoika – Sua lemmin kuin jarjetön mä osin [unknown]
Tuomas Palonen – Hiljainen Soutaja [Samsara Records]
Plop – Emu [RR GEMS Records]
Mac & Party – Harambe [Soundway Records]
Jimi Tenor – Quantum Connection [Philophon]
Jimi Tenor – Chupa Chups [Philophon]
Jimi Tenor – Order of Nothingness [Philphon]
Jimi Tenor – My mind will travel [Philphon]
Jimi Tenor – Manager [Unknown]
Jimi Tenor – LIVE
Jimi Tenor – Walzeth [Unknown]
Jimi Tenor – Suite Meets [Kindred Spirits]
Bobby Oroza – This Love Part 1 [Big Crown Records]
Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators
Jonny Benavides & Jonny Benavides feat. Cold Diamond & Mink Feat. Mink & Cold Diamond – Let’s Get Together [Timmion]
Lea Roberts – Love Can Break You (Red Greg Edit) [Cold Jack]