WW Ibiza: Mark Barrott & Pete Gooding – Live at La Torre

First broadcast date: 28 June 2017

28-06-17 // 12-4PM BST

This show was recorded in May 2017 by Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding, both integral cogs of La Torre’s musical identity and the wider Balearic scene. Set on the edge of a cliff on Ibiza’s West coast, La Torre is a magical place where you can witness the sunset and discover music that can’t be found elsewhere on the island.


They present four hours of live material from La Torre featuring guests including DJ Alfredo, Mark Broadbent of We Love.. Space, and Javier, the infamous owner of La Torre. Pete Gooding holds over three decades of experience as a DJ, including over twenty years soundtracking sunset at the notorious Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, while Mark Barrott has become the face of Balearic, featured in the Guardian, Pitchfork, NPR and The Fader for his sublime productions and forward thinking International Feel label.



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