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WW Istanbul: Debora Ipekel with Umman Turkoglu


Debora Ipekel explores the vibrant music scene of her hometown Istanbul through fresh talent, local diggers, and hidden gems straight out of where East meets West.

For this show Debora invites Istanbul and NYC based musician and painter Umman Turkoglu for an hour of curiously unhindered soundscapades with touches of psych and ethnic fluctuations.
Artwork Umman Turkoglu.
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Umman Turkoglu – Elangi Bonga [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Git Basimdan Zilli [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Abdullah’s Women [Unknown]

Umman Turkoglu Guest Mix

Tom Recchion – Out of the Dunes [Birdman Records]
Telaio Magnetico – Parte II [Musicando]
Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra – The Devil’s Fishwife (Monday) [Noh-Bo Records]
Ferrante and Teicher – ’s Wonderful [Classic Music Intl.]
Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band – Coloured Butterfly [BYG Records]
Cathy Sheely – Green Hungarian [Unknown]
Glass Sun – Stained Glass [Unknown]
Kostas Monogios – H Zoi Siga Pethainei [Unknown]
Melodic Energy Commission – No Familiar Planets Tonight [Energy Discs]
Pascal Comelade – Fragment [Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier]
Damiao Experiença – Som Planeta [Unknown]
Hertta Lussu Assa – Track 3 [Unknown]
Kobza – Progulka [Unknown]
Coincidence – Sequences [Unknown]
Los Abuelos De La Nada – Outake – Lloverâ [CBS]
Magadan Restaurant Band – Instrumental [Unknown]

Debora Ipekel
Umman Turkoglu – Magical Falafel Club [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Nightmare Boy [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Nihdez [Unknown]
Jimi Tenor – Strawberry Place [Kitty Yo]
Bibi Tanga Et Le Professeur Inlassable – En Slip Chaussettes [L’inlassable Disque]
Carlos Nino – Calimayan [Leaving Records]
Brenna Maccrimmon, Cevdet Erek – Çobankat [Kalan Muzik]
Ryo Kawasaki – Lucky Lady [Continental Records]
Dakn – كحل ~ ko7l [Unknown]
Anadol – Bir Garip Kan Içme Toreni (Grup Ses Remix) [Unknown]
El Mahdy Jr. – Lost Bridge [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Helloween [Unknown]
Umman Turkoglu – Before The August Moon [Unknown]

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Debora Ipekel