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WW KYOTO: KJCC with Omni Sight


Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city. Presented by KJCC (Kyoto Jazzy Creative Council), a new collective formed by Shuya Okino of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Masaki Tamura of Do it Jazz! and Yukari BB of Jazzy Sport Kyoto.

This month, KJCC is joined by “omni sight” which is a Kyoto based electronic music band since 2013. The band itself consisted of Motohiko Sato, the leader of L.E.D. and Naoki Hirai, the drummer of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Original Love and more. Their sound has organic/mighty beats by raw bass and drums, also has unique cosmic soundscapes with experimental and respectful attitude for clubbing music. Their latest album “CROSS POINT e.p.” was released on their own label “FlightWorks” in October 2020. Featuring Shoichi Murakami, the keyboardist of “UCND”, “Kobeta Piano” unit that is unique in the Kyoto underground scene and a master of MOOG ONE, and Shohei Nakamura, saxophonist who has built a career in various fields as a session man, this ambitious album boldly incorporates R&B, hip-hop, and jazz grooves into elements of ambient, dub, and chill-out.This new Japanese crossover sound master piece is launched from Kyoto for every music lover and dance floors.

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WW KYOTO: KJCC – Shuya Okino with Omni sight, Masaki Tamura

// Shuya Okino
Stan Clarke – Unexpected Days
STR4TA – Aspects
Atmosfear – Dancing in Outer Space
Paz – The Buddha
STR4TA – Vison 9
Freeez – Keep In Touch
STR4TA – Rhythm In Your Mind

// Omni sight
omni sight – white night (night cruising)
omni sight – playa norte (Flight Works)
omni sight – black onyx (Flight Works)
omni sight – Cross Point “Kensei’ s KoKenShow Re-Paint ft.本田Q”(Flight Works)

// Masaki Tamura
Omni Sight – Wataame (Flight Works)
Mammal Hands – Chaser (Gondwana Records)
Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble – Be Seeing You (22A)
Nubya Garcia – Before US : In Demerara & Caura featuring Ms MAURICE (CONCORD JAZZ)
Trinidadian Deep – Be Near Me (Kuniyuki Remix) (EUREKA!)
QVLN,Mike Steva – Rain Soug feat QVLN (Yoruba Records)
The Afro Soul Prophecy – Fire In Acapulco (Schema)
Makoto Terashita meets Harold Land – Dragon Dance (BBE, Aketa’s Disk)