WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Daichi Yamamoto (Jazzy Sport), Aaron Choulai, Masaki Tamura, Yukari BB and Sara Aiko Live from y gion, Kyoto

First broadcast date: 12 February 2018

Monthly show from Kyoto, the Japan’s original capital city, presented by Shuya Okino, music tastemaker and member of Kyoto Jazz Massive. This broadcast showcases the sensibility and energy of Kyoto city with cohost Sara Aiko and guest DJs.

Joining Okino this week is Daichi Yamamoto, Kyoto based Producer/Rapper, and Aaron Choulai, an award winning and critically acclaimed pianist.

WW Kyoto is direct from a new venue called y gion, a multipurpose cultural centre in Gion, Kyoto.

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Daichi Yamamoto

Daichi Yamamoto is a sound artist, rapper and producer from Kyoto. Yamamoto is currently working on his solo performance career while producing his own music and music videos, which will Debut on Jazzy Sport later this year. Daichi finds his work brings about a holistic picture that draws a connection between the music industry and the art of sound installation.

Aaron Choulai

Aaron Choulai is an award winning and critically acclaimed pianist. From work within the Jazz/Noise and improvised music scenes of New York and Tokyo, to large scale multi media festival commissions, to hip hop productions for artists such as Mantra and Joelistics, the pianists work is as wide and varied as it is explorative and adventurous.

Shuya Okino

Shuya Okino is a Japanese DJ, songwriter, author and the producer of the popular music venue The Room in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

Sara Aiko

Sara Aiko is the founder and creative director of Curated Kyoto. She shares her love for Kyoto through the internet as well as in-person tours.

Masaki Tamura

Masaki Tamura started DJing in 2003 and quickly became known for selecting both traditional and modern jazz music. He has also held various iconic events in Kyoto, including the crossover event Do it JAZZ!.

Yukari BB

Yukari BB has spent her years DJing between London and Japan, covering soul to Brazilian to house to boogie. Currently based in Kyoto she intends to focus on cultural activities and expand her musical career globally, after having managed Juno Records Japan for seven years.



Daichi Yamamoto – Bell [Jazzy Sport]
Daichi Yamamoto – Window [Jazzy Sport]

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