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WW Liverpool: Melodic Distraction with Sisbis & Bido Lito


Melodic Distraction present WW Liverpool, a first look at the latest and greatest coming out of the city’s eminent music scene.

For this month, the guests are Giovanna, local DJ and organiser of SisBis, a party that raises money for Liverpool charity Refugee Women Connect and Craig Pennington who heads up local magazine Bido Lito who have just hit their 100th edition.

Listen now Tracklist

Stealing Sheep – Big Wows (Dialect Remix) [FORTHCOMING]
Xam Volo – Sudden [DECCA]
Kyami – Super Special [SELF RELEASED]
MC Nelson – Black Coffee [SELF RELEASED]
Jamie Broad – A Nice Cup of Tea [SELF RELEASED]
Mersey Wiley – Stronger [SELF RELEASED]
Jam Scones Quartet – Unreleased [UNRELEASED]
Ruby Rushton – One Mo’ Dram [22a Records]
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – Ginga [SOM LIVRE]
Mim Suleiman – Msimamo [UNKNOWN]
Alejandro Paz – El House [COMEME]
Bantam Lions – Can We Come Together? (Harmonic Version) [SELF RELEASED]
Luna – Wind [Unreleased]
Jacques – Mer D’Hiver [Unreleased]
Golden Teacher – The Kazimier [GOLDEN TEACHER]
Edgar Jones Jones – Do Doh Dontcha Doh [VIPER]
Yank Scally – Bulletproof Wizard [LEECH MUSIC]
Forest Swords – The Highest Flood [NINJA TUNE]
Lo Five – Sabre Contusion [PATTERNED AIR RECORDINGS]
Goat – Run To Your Mama (Cage & Aviary remix) [ROCKET RECORDINGS]
Brenda Ray – Theme From Tall Dark Stranger [NOT ON LABEL]