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Moody Collective showcase Lovemonk and Tigers Milk labels recorded live on the rooftop of ‘Radio Hotel ME’ in Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid.


Señorlobo is one half of Lovemonk, a small but eclectic label based in Madrid. Its artists cover a wide range of styles from the most club-oriented electronica, to ‘out there’ jazz, with everything in between: rumba, pop, or prog- rock, with most of their sounds coming from black roots.

20170517 Senor Lobo


Lubacov is Lovemonk’s chief executive facsimile operations and foreign affairs officer. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s been in Madrid long enough to be considered at least half Spanish. He has been a DJ for more than half his life, playing in clubs all over the area of La Chopera.

20170517 Lubacov

Alex Rocks

A seasoned beatmaker, Alex Rocks also keeps himself busy with his jazz-funk live band, his Spain Diggin’ series, and deejaying in clubs and on Radio Gladys Palmera.

20170517 Alex Rocs

Clemens K.

Clemens K. developed a passion for music through the drums when he was 12, playing rock and funk. His love for hip hop, electronica and house music quickly made him pick up DJing and producing, fusing all different styles and genres within his role in Moody Collective.

20170517 Clemens KJack Howell

Jack founded DJ mag España at the tender age of 23, before establishing Moody Collective and Onbeat (among other projects) soon after. A record collector who’s usually wheeled out on special occasions (AKA day parties) to lather on the groove and disco.

20170517 Jack HowellLucky Charmz

Lucky Charmz brings a fresh breeze to the house scene, blazing the trails with his label Lehult in
late 2014, As a DJ he’s made a name for himself at Lehult’s popular bi-monthly residence at PAL, one of Hamburgs leading clubs,

20170517 Lucky Charms

Duncan Ballantyne

Based between London and Madrid, Duncan runs a marketing agency specialising in music, arts and culture and also runs Tiger’s Milk Records, a music offshoot of Ceviche, Martin Morales’ Peruvian restaurant and food brand.

20170517 Duncan Ballantyne

Listen now Tracklist

Lovemonk Records (Lubacov and Señor Lobo)

Pharaoh Sanders – Harvest Time [India Navigation] // US
Chip Wickham – The Detour [Lovemonk] // UK
Bottle Tree – Open Secret [International Anthem Recording Company] // US
Guy Cuevas – Everywhere Is My Home [Gaumont] // Cuba
Rudy Norman – Back To The Streets [New Day] // US
Young Gun Silver Fox – You Can Feel It [Légère] // UK
RSL – Wesley Music [Players] // US
Rednose Distrikt – Zmit [Kindred Spirits] // Netherlands
Gecko Turner – I’ll Do That (Mo Kolours Remix) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Alex Rocks – My Time (Feat. Junclassic) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Ms. Dynamite – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee [Polydor] // UK
Wrongtom Meets The Ragga Twins – Bun Some Weed [Tru Thoughts] // UK
Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly [Jammys/Soul Jazz] // Jamaica
Amp Fiddler – I Believe In You (Jaylib Remix) (Genuine) // US
Alex Rocks – Rise N Shine (Feat. Sleep Sinatra) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Alex Rocks – All In Ya Mind (Feat. Jack Jones) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Alex Rocks – Bring It To Em (Feat. Sleep Sinatra) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Alex Rocks – Moonlight Creedence (Feat. Jessica Fitoussi) [Lovemonk] // Spain
Wilton Felder – Let’s Dance Together (ABC Records) // US
Gecko Turner – Chicken Wire [Lovemonk] // Spain
Gecko Turner – Medium Rare [Lovemonk] // Spain

Moody Collective (Clemens K + Jack Howell)

Flanger – Quicksilver Loom [Ntone] // Germany
Nino Nardini & Roger Roger – Murmuring Leaves [Neuilly] // France
Black Truth Rhythm Band – You People [Soundway] // Trinidad
Arthur Verocai – O Mapa [Luv N’ Haight] // Brazil
Al Hirt – Harlem Hendoo [RCA] // US
The Heptones – Get in the groove [Studio One] // Jamaica
Jackie Mittoo – Oboe [Studio One] // Jamaica
Madlib – Warning Intro [Madlib Invazion] // US
Grand Puba – I Like It [Elektra] // US
Clemens K – Tropi/Cali [Moody] // UK
Madlib – Mystic Bounce [Blue Note] // US
Gene Harris – Book of Slim [Blue Note] // US
Galt Macdermot – Ripped Open by Metal Explosion [Kilmarnock] // Canada
Blue Magic – See through [Mirage] // US
Ryo Kawasaki – Little One [Open Sky] // Japan
Leroy Hutson – I Think I’m Falling in Love [Curtom] // US

Lucky Charmz (Lehult)

Sonya Spence – Fantasy [High Note] // Jamaica
Unknown – Tell Me (Remix) [Unknown] // Unknown
Willie Williams – No One Can Stop Us Now [Soul Jazz] // Jamaica
King Tubby – Sweet Sensations [Suffering & Faith] // Jamaica
Astrud Gilberto – A Time For Us [Verve Records] // Brazil
Roberta Flack – I Wanted It Too [Atlantic Records] // USA
Orlandivo – Bolinha de Sabāo [Copacabana] // Brazil
Gianni Brezzo – Heisenberg [Dorfjungs] // Rhode Island
Lucky Charmz – Soul Chop (feat. Wenzel Dashington) [Moody Germany] // Germany
Rare Silk – Storm [Palo Alto Records] // USA
Tatiana Miath – Romantik [Debs] // France
Barbara Mason – Darling Come Back Home [Prelude Records] // USA
Gilberto Gil – Toda Menina Baiana (Tahira Re-Edit) [Not on Label] // Brazil
Jay Simon – Faith [Wild Oats] // USA

Tigers Milk Records (Duncan Ballantyne)

Nina Miranda – I Am… [Six Degrees] // Brazil
Juaneco y su Combo – Cumbia Del Pacurro [Tiger’s Milk] // Peru
Marco Merry y Sus Golfos – Descarga ’71 [Unknown] // Peru
Lucho Carrillo – La Vaca Muuu [KDT Peru] // Peru
Unknown – Unknown [Unknown] // Unknown
Manolo Alvalos – Rio De Paria [Tiger’s Milk] // Peru
Los Compadres Del Ande – El Lorcho [Tiger’s Milk] // Peru
Alice Coltrane – Om Rama [Luaka Bop] // USA
The Viceroys – Love is the Key [Chapter Two] // Jamaica
Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa [Philophon] // Ghana
Los Orientales – Bailando en la Campina [Tiger’s Milk] // Peru
Los Barbaros – Loca Loquita [Tiger’s Milk] // Peru
Jucara Marcal – Cala Boca Menino [Goma Laca] // Brazil
Claudia – Deixa eu Dizer [Mr Bongo] // Brazil
Elza Soares – Pra Fuder [Mais Um Discos] // Brazil
Jackson Do Pandeiro – É Só Balanço [Tropicana] // Brazil

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