WW Marseille: Stéphane Galland with DJ Oil and OC69 at Extend & Play ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Marseille: Stéphane Galland with DJ Oil and OC69 at Extend & Play


For the third episode of this podcast coming from France’s most colorful city, Stéphane Galland aka M.OAT (Le Coton Club) invites two if his favorite DJs, about to take us into a trip made of afro, jazzy, psyche and spiritual vibes.

He will be joined by DJ Oil, one of the DJs shaking the dancefloors in the late 80s in downtown Marseille. He then made a career with band Troublemakers, once signed on Blue Note, then solo with three albums under his belt, infused with african rhythms and political spoken word. He released two EPs last year on Ivan Smagghe’s imprint Les Disques de la Mort.

OC69 is one of the best DJs on Marseille’s scene, and his versatility is unparalleled. Playing beautiful techno, delicate ambient or sexy house music, he’s also sharing his love for alternative hip hop or R&B, or digging into experimental, classical, funk, jazz, African modern or traditional music. Expect him grooving on the warmest side of his vinyl collection for this Japanese music only mix.

Extend & Play is one of the few real Vinyl Store in town, perfectly located in a neighbourhood where nightlife is as animated as daylife. Focused on electronic music with ears wide open to other genres, E&P is also home of three freshly-born labels, Lemme Records, Smoky Window and Lifenote Recordings, showcased in this podcast.